ABS warning lights / power steering failure / electrics tripping

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ABS warning lights / power steering failure / electrics tripping

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Hello, I’m really hoping somebody can help me with this issue.

I have a 2007 1.2 6V Petrol, which sat idle for 3 months during lockdown. The first time I drove it, ironically the same day my Golf Plus broke down, I had the ABS and handbrake lights pop up on dash along with 3 loud beeps. This continued to happen intermittently for a few weeks. Then the power steering light also popped up and steering went heavy. Upon restarting the car the radio tripped out and clock and mileage were reset, but issues went away.

One electrician took a quick look, checked fuses and cleared fault codes and I had no faults for 2 weeks. Then the intermittent faults came back.

A few more weeks passed and it got worse, to the point the lights would not go off and the the power steering fault remained when restarting. A second electrician cleared multiple fault codes relating to ground faults and cleaned an earth point near the near side front wheel arch. Later that day the ABS / handbrake light returned. Electrician came back - no fault codes. We went on a test drive while his diagnostic equipment was plugged in - nothing!

Drove the car for a few more days and no faults. Third day they all came back!

I’ve noticed it only seems to occur when braking or at low speeds.

Electrician suggests I clean the ABS reluctor rings and change the brake sensor switch. I’m dubious but will try anything at this moment in time! I just want to feel confident driving the car without fear of power steering failure!

Any ideas are greatly welcome. A neighbour of mine said she had very similar issues with her Polo and three garages looked at hers, even changing wiring looms and it still wasn’t cured!

If you’ve persevered through this wall of text I’m very grateful.
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