My polo 1.3 aav transplant to 1.3 3f engine

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My polo 1.3 aav transplant to 1.3 3f engine

Post by punk3000 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:10 pm

Hi, i am Martijn, i am from holland and i thought i would share my polo with you guys
So, we got an vw polo the other day.....for cheap.
It belonged to my sister in law, the deal was if we got it a new mot, we could have it.
Mot was around 95 pound.
So for very cheap we got a 1993 polo coupe with about 155k on the clocks.
It started out looking like this
but the modification virus took hold of me, after I spray painted the door handles and badges black
Image Image

That was the first beginning ;D
After that I got myself a g40 steering wheel with leather on it, a set of g40 rear lights

And I found a set of g40 genesis bucket seats and bench.
A friend of mine had found a leather gear knob of a golf Mk2 for me as well.
After that, I was looking on the Internet for a set of front springs, because my right spring/damper combo at the front was shot.

But instead finding a set for the front I ended up with a complete car :o
It was a so called steilheck GT, which failed his mot.
The nice thing about a GT is, instead of a 55 HP mono point injection engine which my polo has, this has a 75 HP multipoint
injection engine.
Also the suspension is a bit (2 cm) lower and a bit harder then the standard suspension, also the rear axle has a stabilizer on it.

Long story short, I bought the GT for about 80 pound.
The head gasket is probably gone, because on the highway, there was this enormous cloud of white smoke behind me ::)
And there is a rattle in the engine.
But hey, for the money I couldn't let it go.
So, a friend of mine with a big trailer helped me out and picked it up and drove it to where my shed is.

In the same time I bought a set of 14 inch rims with lower and wider tires on it (tires ware as good as new with 8 mm profile on them)
I went from 155/70/13 to 185/55/14
On this pic the gt front suspension was already on the car, also a new set of brake disks with new brake pads.
The rear suspension is still the original, they will be replaced with gt dampers/springs and the GT back axle as well.
The handling of the car improved dramatically, taking an exit on the freeway with about 65 mph is no problem at all ;D
Than it was time to fix some audio in the car.
Problem being that the polo didn't have room in the doors for speakers.
I found some fiberglass door pads, which were made for the polo.
I took of the door panel of the polo and together with the door pad I spray painted them black.
I now have a pioneer radio, a jbl compo set, a active sub woofer (because of the smaller size, compared to a big sub woofer box) and a set of oval speakers in the back.
And it sounds quite good, without any big amps.

The sub woofer wasn't connected yet at this little clip.

So at that point the suspension problem was fixed, the new brake discs and pads were in, the seats were great and the handling was improved big time and there was sound in the car......what more do you want?

#Jeremy clarkson mode# MORE POWEEEEEEER!!!!

So together with a mate we started to take the gt apart.


The previous owner told me, that at some point they put in to much oil, which showed.

Because of to much oil in the engine, the engine started to put out the oil, which spilled on to the gearbox and because of the cap missing on top of it, the oil went straight into the gearbox, which caused my clutch to slip.

This is where I am at now.
We have taken the engine out and opened it up, found the rattle it had.
There was this ring what was on the waterpump, that broke of, that was it!!!
The to do list is still quite long, but hey, the result will be great I guess.
The performance upgrade may not sound that great, going from 55 to 75 hp.
But remember that this car weighs only 770 kilo.
So the hp upgrade is around 40% more power.
With that the kg/hp ratio will go from 71,5 HP per ton to 97,5 hp per ton.
So 0 to 62 will drop from approx 15.5 sec to around 12 and the top speed will go from 150 km/h to 175 km/h.
The gearbox of the gt will be sold, they are quite wanted, cause of the shorter ratios, but I will keep my original one.
Because if you do about 130 km/h at the freeway it will make around 3300 rpm instead of almost 4000 with the shorter box.
Also the dials of the gt will be taken out and placed in my polo, because the rev counter and the mileage will match the engine.
The gt had only done around 155.000 km instead of the 165.00 km my original engine did.

The black polo gt has gone of to the scrap yard.
There is a gasket set on its way for the cilindre head and bottom part of the engine and i also ordered a lowering set.
I already bought a few other things for the car.
Including a new g40 rear damper for the exhaust, because at some point the exhaust was "fixed" .
The piece of exhaust after the middle damper was smaller in diameter than it was supposed to be, so it smuthered the engine.
Probably a piece for an 55 bhp engine was put on it, because it is cheaper.

At this point, i am just waiting for my new parts to arrive, so i can continue with the rebuild of the engine.
Planning is to re start around the 15th of september, than me and my mate finally got some time to pick up the spanners again.

And now i got a question, is there anyone on this forum that has a spare set of g40 rearlights (UK SPEC!!!)

Take a look at this UK g40
and take a look at this dutch g40

I want the taillights to look like this polo

Hopefully soon, there will be some updates,

Greetings Martijn

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