Exhaust Corrosion

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Exhaust Corrosion

Post by AJ_7 »

Hi guys,

I have just had a 70,000 mile major service on my 1.2 TSI SEL Polo (2011). The dealer said there was excessive corrosion on the exhaust back box and therefore needs replacing. As the exhaust is classed as a 'wear and tear' item it is not covered by any warranties!!

What could cause such excessive corrosion on a car that is little over 3 years old? Should this be happening? Everyone I have spoken to is shocked that I need to replace the exhaust on a car just over three years old!!

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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Re: Exhaust Corrosion

Post by alexperkins »

I would say that's defective steel. An exhaust should last way longer than that
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Re: Exhaust Corrosion

Post by wolfie »

Have you seen this "excessive corrosion" or simply taken the dealers word for it?

I run a 2011 TSi, and while the back bock does have some patches of surface rust, it's no more that I'd expect for a car that's 3.5 years old. The exhaust on my previous 9N Polo was the original at 10 years old, was very rusty back to front and never commented upon by anyone other than myself.

Surface rust means nothing, unless it's structurally compromised, has a failed baffle, bracket or hole in it, it's up to the job mechanically. Sounds like your dealer is trying it on. Run the car into the nearest exhaust place and ask them just to take a look. If they say it's fine, bin off your dealer.
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