Adding front parking sensors

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Adding front parking sensors

Post by Scottpatto_96 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:28 pm


I’m planning on adding front patching sensors to my 2010 polo.. I already have rear parking sensors and was wondering what I need to add the front ones.. I don’t know if they will plug straight into the module with the rear ones or if I need another module or what.. Also will I need to do much coding for them to work with the rear ones and with the stereo in my car?


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Re: Adding front parking sensors

Post by RUM4MO » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:33 pm

Maybe take a look at the on line VW Group parts cat, I'd expect "rear only" from factory to have a 4 channel controller, so that would need replacing, 4 parking sensors, normally avail on ebay even genuine ones, and even ones painted in your car's body colour, a bumper wiring harness, a front to rear wiring harness and a front buzzer. Drilling out the holes in the front bumper should be reasonably easy as the inner surface should have Xs moulded into it. I bought a bespoke bumper cutter kit, which costs quite a bit but makes it harder to mess things up. The front sensors will also need mounting brackets, you can buy various VW group ones that should fit, but if you can't find anyone that has done that upgrade on a Polo 6R/6C then you might have to guess which profile of mount suits that bumper. These mountings can be fixed to the bumper using double sided tape, a heavy duty variety, or structural adhesive, I used the latter a sort of "special" Araldite that Halfords etc sell as I did not want these mounting to fall off with time. If you do buy a proper parking sensor mounting/drilling kit, it will come complete with mandrels and clamps to hold the new mountings in place until the adhesive has set fully. The car I upgraded was my S4 so I can't answer any Polo specific questions, you will also need to do a bit of re-coding after fitting these parts.

Edit:- the easy alternative is to buy a Vodaphone kit from VW, this used to be a Cobra kit but Vodaphone bought Cobra out, the later versions of these sensors look exactly look the factory fitted ones in size and mounting, so no one would know that they were not factory fitted. You would have to accept that the front ones would work independently from everything else in the car, ie self contained.

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Re: Adding front parking sensors

Post by iichel » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:23 pm

yeah get a new 8K module (8 channel), sensors, wiring, buzzer, button and sensor holders.
if you already have PDC at the rear, you only need to code the new module, the rest should be fine.

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