CAR DATA Printout from Parts Department

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CAR DATA Printout from Parts Department

Post by RUM4MO » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:51 pm

I've rabbited on about always making sure that I got hold of CAR DATA for all my VW Group cars in the past, but when I asked the supplying VW dealer Parts department for this info for my wife's August 2015 Polo 1.2TSI SEL - I was faced with blank looks as no one knew what I was talking about/asking for!

Anyway, today I finally managed to get myself along to the other VW dealership local to me, just a second garage for the same supplying dealer, and visited their parts department, same "old" parts guy working there that gave me my first 2 CAR DATA printouts - so I knew that I would be in luck, I asked the question and just got a slightly confuse look and the younger guy working with him suggested that I would need to come back with the V5 as they can't hand over confidential information without that, then he asked if it was the PR Codes listing that I wanted, I said yes and he printed out all the codes relevant to that car, and at the head of that listing was CAR DATA, so nothing has changed and I'm happy that I now have managed to get that options listing for that car, it seems that there is still an option on their EKTA system to input a VIN and a window opens up and one of the options is PR Codes - and that is the one that generates the document which they used to call "CAR DATA" and that still has "CAR DATA" at the top of each page - that car had 5 pages of option codes. This information is handy for people who do their repairs and maybe source some parts from the companies that supply VW Group and not VW Group branded parts.

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