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Buying advice

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:38 pm
by Paul9619
Evening All,

About to take the plunge on a 1.2 TSI 2017 (March) Match Edition Polo (16k miles] tomorrow in a VW main dealer. Is there anything in particular I should look for in the viewing or test drive that could be an issue?

Many thanks in advance.


Re: Buying advice

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:08 am
by Kss47
I have owned the identical year and month Polo since new, it's proved to be very reliable with no problems. I usually only do short trips and tend to get around 44mpg but this does improve on longer journeys. The only problem I have is with the drivers seat, for some reason I tend to end up sitting on the left side of the seat so that the raised edge of the seat digs in the left side of my back. When I notice this I shift my body to the right but always end up back to the left after shifting gear. I've tried the seat in various positions and now have it more vertical than I would normally have it which helps to a certain extent. Perhaps it's just me but in your test drive see if it happens to you. Mine came with the electrical folding door mirrors despite not being in the brochure.

Re: Buying advice

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:21 pm
by Paul9619
Many thanks for the reply.

I was at the garage today and put a deposit down for collection on Thursday. I am getting the following:

Polo Match Edition 1.2TSI 90BHP 2017 in blue silk with the upgraded Black Knight alloys.

There is also a Polo SEL 1.0TSI 110BHP 2017 in Nimbus Grey with standard alloys, but with LED lights.

What do you reckon is the best one to go for? I prefer the look of the Silk Blue and the alloys are much nicer than the standard on the SEL. Although is the engine and LED lights a big enough pull to sway?

Another consideration is that the Match is Mar 17 and therefore only £20 annual tax but the SEL is Jun 17 and £140

Decisions decisions

Re: Buying advice

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:51 pm
by veteran
I too have the Match Edition 1.2 TSI 2017 model and on the whole am quite pleased with it. There were one or two niggling faults with it, discovered by me after a few months, but I've managed to correct most of them myself.

Opt for bigger diameter wheels than the standard, but don't go overboard with it. Personally, I'd avoid any fancy colours for wheels; stay with the silver alloys, as I think they suit the aesthetics better.

Although I was told originally by my dealer that the colour of my Match Edition is Nimbus Grey, the true description is Pepper Grey, as that's what I eventually discovered when I bought some touch-up paint for mine about six months ago. Choice of vehicle colour in the first instance, though, is very much a personal affair.

I find it annoying that my Match Edition didn't come with LED bulbs for the Daylight-Running units at the front (outermost of the dual lenses there), but I've learnt to live with that. VW use high-quality, longlife bulbs, so hopefully my DRLs won't need replacing for a good many years.

Thus far, the one major criticism I have of my Match Edition is that, in my experience, the front seats (standard) become very uncomfortable on long journeys. I'm fairly certain that the problem is that the seat squab is non-adjustable for rake and also doesn't have enough padding in it to cushion the base of the spine. I now drive with a memory-foam pad on the seat squab, which corrects this. I have spinal osteoarthritis and these shortcomings in the seats have a huge impact on me, causing an overall poor driving position and consequential pain without inclusion of the pad. I don't think the more expensive seats for these Polos are any better in this regard.

If you can, get the Infotainment system that's the full shooting match. I opted for just the basic one, as I didn't think I'd ever want satnav and all the other Internet-driven gizmos, but I regretted that later. The options to retrofit built-in satnav for this 2017 model are now limited and quite expensive.

Can't think why you're saying that annual road tax for the Match is only £20. It's £140, and that's what I paid in August just gone.

The main difference between the Match and SEL is that the SEL has a slightly greater power output. The SEL gearbox is different too, being six-speed as opposed to five-speed. Forum contributor RUM4MO, whose wife drives an SEL, will no doubt be able to fill you in on other features.

Addendum: the vehicle, whichever one, will come with a space-saver wheel. Accept it but order yourself a fifth full-sized wheel. It'll fit in the wheel-well in the boot. The dealer will probably charge you the earth for it, but for convenience and peace-of-mind it'll be much better. You might also want to negotiate a full set of Polo rubber mats. They too are essential IMHO.

Re: Buying advice

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:19 pm
by Paul9619
Many thanks for the reply Veteran,

The Match Edition I am buying is only £20 tax as it was registered in March 2017 before the new tax system came into place in Apr 17.

It has a full size steel wheel and also rubber mats so all good there.

Not sure what Info System is has but it does have the App Connect feature, but doesn't have Nav.

I plumped for the match edition in the end, as it had really nice 16" alloys.


Re: Buying advice

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:03 pm
by Kss47
Like your potential Polo mine was registered in March 2017 and I can confirm that the tax is indeed £20 as that's what I paid after a year. As you correctly pointed out that changed on April 1st 2017, a lucky escape for me as it wasn't planned!

My alloy wheels are 15" and my spare wheel is full size but steel with a different manufacturer tyre to the ones fitted to the alloy wheels. It has the same tyre size as the alloy wheels but I assume that because the spare wheel is steel it is restricted in speed in the same way that a space saver is. I found this out when I removed the wheel from the boot to check the tyre pressure. If you go back to the dealer then have a look at the spare wheel to see what size it is and if it's speed restricted. Mine is Nimbus grey which looks better in the flesh than it does online in photos.

As for the choice between the 1.2TSI and the 1.0TSI, I specifically wanted a 4 cylinder engine as a change from the 3 cylinder 1.4TDI that I previously owned for almost 12 years, not that I had any problems with it. The 1.2TSI has proved to be a smooth and quiet when up to speed and cruising on the motorway. Having owned a Golf mk2 GTI, 2 Lupos and 2 Polos I've always found VW seats to be generally supportive on long runs. The furthest I've driven in one go in the 1.2TSI is 370 miles and when I stepped out of the car at the end of the non stop journey I felt fine unlike a similar journey in a Renault Clio where I couldn't straighten my aching back for several minutes (I'd never buy another Renault for that reason alone!).