Dashcam install

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Dashcam install

Post by Insy79 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:37 pm

So I've spent way too long this weekend installing my Blackvue DR650 into the Polo.

Managed to get it installed on the upper part of the boot lid (most I've seen have had it on the lower part by the wiper). Admittedly I've added a hole and have a wire along the top part but I'm not that bothered as you can't see it when driving and as the car is black, it's relatively discrete.

Added in a Power Magic Pro and tapped it into the fuse board. Most days the Polo lives in the garage so the parking mode will only be on when I'm out and about.

Certainly don't want to repeat the job any time soon but glad it's done. Routing of cables was the trickiest thing - but with plenty of fabric backed tape and trim prize tools, there's no additional noises or rattling sounds.
Not the best pics but you get the idea!

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