2016 Polo GTI parts in 2014 Polo 1.2 Match Ed

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2016 Polo GTI parts in 2014 Polo 1.2 Match Ed

Post by Bar_Ry » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:22 pm

Hi everyone,

** EDIT **

Just told it doesn’t have satnav, so what unit would I need for that please?

Steering wheel question still stands :0)


I’m new here :0)

My Son just bought his first car, a Polo 1.2 Match edition, he really likes the flat bottom steering wheel with the controls, and the flatscreen head unit. So I’ve been looking, and wondered if I could do a straight swap for his, (round), steering wheel, and the head unit, (double din one with rear parking sensors), and if so, once all plugged in, will it all work okay, and can I fit a rear camera?

Head unit would be from a 2016 Polo GTI
Steering wheel from same, or, the flat bottom one from a 2015 6R bluemotion

I’ve been told I may also need steering wheel angle sensors resetting, and possibly extra wiring connected.

I’d like to upgrade both for him, and also fit a camera at the rear

Thanks in advance for your help. I’m in Croydon area if there are any recommendations for retrofitters, though I’m pretty competent to swap over :0)

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