What seats can I swop too?

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What seats can I swop too?

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Hi everyone,
I have recently changed from my 2011 SEL polo (automatic gearbox failure!!!!), to a 2016 Polo GT. The problem is, the seats are awful and giving me extreme back pain. The drivers seat is totally new, as the original was rattling around, so the garage had to replace, but I only drive an automatic due to back issues. I have recently driven a 2020 Polo Beats, and those seats were great, and provided much better lumbar support.

So, can anyone advise any alternative seats that I could try and source and just get fitted (easily!)? Would the beats seats fit?
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Re: What seats can I swop too?

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I doubt the seats from a 2020 current model Polo would be a straight swap as the seats are larger than those in your 2016 Polo Blue GT. If there is physically enough space for them, then I suspect the seat runners may be different / be spaced farther apart. Even if they will physically fit, if your car is a three door model (you’ve not said if it’s three door or five door), then you’ll need any replacement front seats to also come from a three door so they have the tilt and slide mechanism to allow access to the rear seat. Additionally, all current model Polos are five door, so the front seats from a current Polo wouldn’t tilt and slide for rear seat access in a three door Polo Blue GT.

@mkpolo1.4 has just started a thread on changing the seats in their Polo. Seats from the previous generation Audi A1 should fit, but the same three door / five door considerations apply and there may be compatibility issues with electrical connections for things such as seat side airbags, seat heating (if you have the winter pack). If you did consider going down this route, then with your back related issues, I’d strongly suggest you try and get hold of a previous generation Audi A1 for an extended period of driving so you can try the seats out. There are likely to be different designs of A1 seat depending on the trim level / model of car, so bear in mind you may find some of the A1’s seats better than others. Link to that discussion thread;

https://www.uk-polos.net/viewtopic.php? ... 95c69750eb

I also have back issues and have done for many, many years and there are lots of factors to consider in finding the correct and most comfortable driving position in addition to the seat itself. I’m assuming that in addition to adjusting the actual seating position (seat height, forward aft position on the seat runners, backrest angle), you’ve also adjusted the rake / reach of the steering wheel and the height of the seat belt adjuster on the B pillar but I’ll ask anyway. Do other people drive your car who might alter the seating and steering wheel position to suit themselves? If so, then it can be difficult to find your previous optimum seat / steering wheel position. Also, if your replacement driver’s seat is new, it’s likely to be firmer than one that’s been used over a number of years or miles, in which case it will become less firm with use. You’ve said you previously had a 2011 Polo SEL. Assuming you only got rid of your Polo SEL just because of the gearbox failure and not because of being unable to find a comfortable driving position, then you could always try sourcing a set of seats from an SEL model.

If you do consider replacing your existing seats with a set from another car, bear in mind;
  • if the seats are from a donor vehicle that’s been involved in an accident, the seats may have been subjected to excessive stresses, so always get them checked over to ensure they’re safe to use.
  • when the time comes to sell your car, any prospective buyers will expect the car to have either the standard Blue GT or optional alcantara seats fitted, so any replacement seats that aren’t as per the car’s original spec might make the car more difficult to sell.
  • most insurers would probably consider fitting replacement seats to be a vehicle modification for insurance purposes, so I’d suggest you check with your insurer first to ensure there aren’t any insurance implications in doing this.
If you’ve not seen it before, you might find the PhysioMed guide on the correct sitting posture when driving useful. Link below;

https://www.physiomed.co.uk/uploads/gui ... igital.pdf
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