Help! Gear linkage issue

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Help! Gear linkage issue

Post by Burty010 »

I cant get in 5th, checked my linkage and I can see someone has drilled out the plastic bracket (27) and nut and bolted it - the issue being that the bolt has worn through the plastic, resulting in too much play.

I'm trying to find part number 28 and 29 from this diagram.. (the original fittings) as i have purchased a new bracket(27). I dont fancy drilling it out again.
2019032441-4Tk994GCZmKR5WHhst2ue7lwh43483.png (53 KiB) Viewed 161 times
Any help would be massively appreciated.


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Re: Help! Gear linkage issue

Post by amer6R »

That is on transmission side, whybdont you get the whole assembly from wreckers yard( maybe its cheaper)? Adjust the cables...
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