Vibration and noise form the clocks (instrument clusters)

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Vibration and noise form the clocks (instrument clusters)

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I have recently bought my polo - 2011 1.2 TSI and have noticed a very annoying vibration and noise coming form the clocks area.
The garage I bought it from spent three days (I am not sure they actually did) only to tell me that they had no ideas.

I am of the opinion that the noise is coming from the clocks themselves. The noise doesn't start straight away, but when it does it is loudest at around 3000rpm and often cornering. If it had been a cable driven speedo then I would I would have gone for the speedo drive being worn. With that said it doesn't change in pitch or speed - so not a rotation or moving object etc... I think that makes sense.

Are the clocks easy enough to strip down and see if there is something obvious inside that's broken / worn etc?
I am waiting on the local dealership giving me a price on a new set, but I think its going to be out of my reach knowing Australian prices for VW.

I've looked into pre-owned clocks and do see to be quite high priced.... but if I have no option then I guess thats the way forward.

If I do replace the clocks is there a way to keep the Km's......

Any advice guys would be greatly appreciated.
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