For Sale Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

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For Sale Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

Post by alexperkins » Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:53 pm

1 - The 'Cars For Sale' section is for VAG vehicles only. Non VAG / vehicles items will be removed.

2 - When a vehicle has been sold can you please post stating this. Your post will then be removed. This saves space and stops people contacting you long after you've sold the item.

4 - Please try and support For Sale adverts with a picture. This gives people a better idea of what there buying.

5 - If you do not intend to buy a vehicle that is posted for sale, please do not waste the sellers time by posting on that topic.

6 - When advertising a vehicle for sale, could members please ensure a location is given (this may be shown using your forum profile) Vehicles not showing a location may be removed from the forum without notice.

7 - Adverts with no replies after 14 days will be automatically removed. The topic can be Bumped at suitable times, not every day!

8 - All vehicles posted up for sale must have a price specified

These are not critisims and are not aimed at anyone in particular, they are just there to help people sell their vehicles easier.


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