04 POLO 9N 1.4TDI 9n3 front OEM

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04 POLO 9N 1.4TDI 9n3 front OEM

Post by antz8096 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:27 pm

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Polo 1.4TDI Sport

MOT JAN 2017

123,835 miles

For sale is my Indigo blue VW Polo 1.4TDI Sport. It started off life as a standard Sport model and I've changed the front to the facelift model 9N to 9N3 and done some other modifications. With this car I wanted to go down the route of OEM. This means that I wanted all the modification parts to be Genuine VW.

Body specification

Genuine VW bluemotion 9N3 bodykit (front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts)

Genuine VW bluemotion front grille

Genuine VW polo cross/dune BBS RW 17" wheels (Brought over from Germany).

Genuine VW Polo GT TDI 130 rear lights.

Genuine VW polo 6R aerial.

VW votex rear spoiler. (I wasn't a big fan of the bluemotion one)

Vogtland Sport suspension kit (Lowers 40mm but kill your back like coilovers)

Depo Polo 9N3 GTI headlights

Polo 9N3 fog lights

Full front end re-sprage and blend into existing colour.

Engine Specification

Allard motorsport EGR delete

Revo stage 1 remap by (TT Shop Bedford) from 75bhp to approx. 100bhp.

Upper strut brace but I haven't fitted this yet.

Other specification
•Toyo Proxes T1R front tyres
•Michelin Pilot Sport rear tyres

Standard Spec
•Air Conditioning
•Trip computer
•Sports seats.
•Power steering
•Fog lights
•Heated rear windscreen


Condition wise it's generally quite good
•All tyres have 4.5mm + tread.
•Pads and discs have plenty of life left in them.
•The BBS RW are in generally good condition just a few kerb marks on three of the wheels.
•The overall body condition is not bad. There's no fading etc and the paint comes up quite nice.
•The engine runs well with no nasty bangs and it doesn't smoke at all.
•Service history up to around 60k. I do the oil changes myself and I've recently changed the 3 glow plugs. Air filter is good.

Bad points
•There's scratches on the boot, rear panel and lower rear splitter. The ones on the boot and panel I've t-cut them out so it's not visible but obviously not a permanent fix.
•There's stone chips mainly on the front lower splitter. With some on the bonnet. It's not the best paint job in the world but it's ok.
•The egr valve has been removed which makes the engine light come on but it's just a vacuum pipe which is blocked up with a cable.
•There's a knocking sound which I think is the lower arb bushes.
•The headlights needs realigning upwards.
•There's no side indicators at present. The wires are there for 9n3 wingmirrors to be put in. Because the headlights wrap around the front they sort of fullfill both roles.


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