Mk5 Polo 1.4 16v 100k on the clock, owned for 12 years

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Mk5 Polo 1.4 16v 100k on the clock, owned for 12 years

Post by mk5 polo » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:46 am

Open to offers.


I was planning on keeping this for another year but it failed an MOT on emissions, I've attached the results. The wheels are probably worth more than the car but I don't want to break it so selling whole car. I've owned this car for the past 12 years so I know it inside out.
lowered on gti suspension with eibach springs
comes with a Clifford cat 1 alarm with remote start. Great for winter mornings. Dual zone motion detectors inside and out. Windows will go up if the alarm is activated.
15" rare old skool alloys. New tryes fitted at the end of last year to the rear. Fronts have inside wearing due to the camber. I left it like this for the past 12 years as it improves the handling.. Fronts are goodyear eagle f1. They didn't stalk them when I went to replace the rears so went for a name brand instead at about £50 a tyre.
Tow bar - Teddy bear not included
KN air filter
Tinted windows
I got the water pump and cambelt replaced before winter
Clutch and gearbox done at about 60k. The gear lever is stiff but this is not the gearbox but the connecting shaft. There's a plastic guide that loosens when hot and tightens when cold.
Interior seats are very good condition for the year.
There's lots of dynamat installed so probably the quietest polo around to drive.
I've changed the oil every year. I've done about 7k a year hence the low millage.
Windscreen replaced about 3 years ago and headlights replaced last year.
It does have a few quirks. The window wiper stalk decided to only work on fast. The scoosh function works but wipers only work if on fast. I replaced the stalk but made no difference. The airbag light is now on. The engine management light has been on for as long as I can remember. I did get codes and replaced a few things but made no difference so just lived with it. I could probably run the scan again if someone wants them. The heaters and internal switches all work. The electric windows can be temperamental. There wont be a stereo or speakers installed. If I get a couple of hundred pound I'll be happy. I'ts been a loyal car and never let me down. I would keep it as a memento but no space to store it. Hopefully someone can get some more use out of it or give it a dignified death :-)
I am a member on under mk5 polo - location Glasgow
Any questions just let me know. I'll be happy to help.

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