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VCDS reading and oil on sparks

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VCDS reading and oil on sparks

Post by dgm916 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:05 pm

Afternoon all,

This is the latest to what I have done, checked, researched and looked at.

Starting at the beginning, a couple of weeks ago I started to have problems starting my '96 1.4 Polo. Sometimes taking up to half an hour to get going. I changed the HT leads and sparks, and the time to get started went down to about 10 minutes. Then last week after changing the fuel filter that had the date 1995 on it, the car started, but the idle was very erratic (between 400 and 2000 and bouncing between the two) and there was clear arcing from the ignition coil pack. I took it for a little spin, and it was bunny hopping badly and I had to nurse it back home in high revs 1st gear. Since then, it will not start. I got a VCDS Lite thingy off ebay, and it gave me 00522, 00518, 00530, 00561, 00537 and 01087. I have done multimeter checks as per youtube vids and suggestions on this site, and all seems ok apart from zero resistance on the ignition coil pack (the bit that was arcing). I have taken the sparks out and checked if they were sparking to which all of them were (I'm not sure if that would happen if the Coil pack was shot), but they are new sparks and they are already very black and oily. Is the issue(s) fixable (although not going to spend a fortune, or is it more likely terminal and better to break the car and see if others want parts? Thanks

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Re: VCDS reading and oil on sparks

Post by alexperkins » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:27 am

I would change the coil pack (its a DIS module on these for the correct terminology) as it sounds like that has failed. Check the earth strap is good between the engine and the body too.

00522 is a sign your coolant temp sensor has died - replace it with either a genuine or a Febi part as aftermarket sensors are questionable quality. This wont help you starting the car

00518 is the throttle position sensor - youll want to clean the throttle body out with carb cleaner as its probably all sooted up. 00530 is related to this

00561 is saying it cant get the right mix, which would explain your black spark plugs as its over fuelling. 00537 is also related as this is the lambda sensor saying its reached its upper limit.

01087 is saying the basic settings havent been performed. This can be a sign that the throttle body is out of alignment

Check you have no split vacuum hoses (especially on the pipe from the throttle body to the brake servo behind to the left of it)

Its certainly a fixable issue. A new DIS module, coolant temp sensor, and a thorough clean of the throttle body should resolve your issues.

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