6n1 - 6n2 compatibly

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6n1 - 6n2 compatibly

Post by KlassMC »

Hi, I recently passed my test and was given a 1996 (p-reg) polo. I have made a few basic mods, but I am just wondering if other things from the 6n2 are interchangeable with the 6n1 ie gearbox/clutch/interior/etc if you could help or point me to any threads, I would appreciate it. Oh I forgot to mention the gearbox just went on it and wonder if I can use one from a 6n2 - I may just buy a 6n2 donor car and use gearbox, clutch and interior if poss so any help would be welcomed. Thanks
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Re: 6n1 - 6n2 compatibly

Post by alexperkins »

6N and 6N2 engines have some silimarities but for the most part they are very different. Gearbox ratios aren’t the same and the 6N2 has a lot more engine management

A lot of the parts are interchangeable though. Seats can be swapped, steering wheel, even the entire dashboard and doorcards if you are feeling brave
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Re: 6n1 - 6n2 compatibly

Post by KoryTem »

It would certainly be cool if the engine was interchangeable too. They do have to sell new cars though. haha
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Re: 6n1 - 6n2 compatibly

Post by JUUL »

I know this is an old topic but I've just done a complete 6N2 upgrade on my 6N. So maybe someone will have some use for my reply. Do keep in mind that I've gone from a 1.4 60hp AEX to a 1.4 16v 75hp AHW...not all may apply to your particular application.

I've swapped:

- Engine and gearbox - straight fit.
- Axles - straight fit.
- Subframe - straight fit.
- Steering rack - straight fit.
- Gearbox mechanism - won't fit (unless you use 6N2 subframe).
- Exhaust - Only the middle and back box will fit (unless you use 6N2 subframe and engine).
- All wiring looms - some fitting required and majority of the connectors aren't the same.
- Dashboard - brackets on the side are higher than 6N. You'll need the 6N2 fuse box bracket as well.
- Heater unit - straight fit. (you'd have to use the 6N2 dash).
- Handbrake - straight fit.
- Floor carpet - straight fit.
- Seats and rear bench - straight fit.
- Safety belts - straight fit.
- Door cards - Lower handgrip screw won't fit and you'll need the 6N2 window strips, tweeter (first you'd have to remove a 6N bracket on the inside corner of the A-pillar). My car was a 3 door, the rear cards need to have a black plastic bracket removed at the bottom because the 6N one sits lower.
- Window mechanism - straight fit. If you are going for electric windows the connectors aren't the same.
- Windows - straight fit (for a 3 door).
- Ecu - straight fit.
- Interior filter - straight fit.
- Windscreen wiper mechanism - straight fit.
- Rear wiper mechanism - won't fit.
- Door locks - straight fit.
- Door handles - straight fit.
- Door seals/rubbers - need to be shortened, are a bit too long. They are a bit thinner as well, so be prepared for wind noise at higher speeds.
- Roof trim - straight fit but 6N2 trim on 6N will leave a small gap at the front of the car which might lead to leaking if not sorted.

I have a feeling I'm forgetting a lot more. But if you have any questions please ask :mrgreen:
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Re: 6n1 - 6n2 compatibly

Post by L4certi »

Hi does the body work fit from an 6n2 to an 6n1 also to lower the car would I need a new subframe if so what one would an 6n2 subframe work
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