1997 1.4L running issues

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1997 1.4L running issues

Post by polomad875 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:15 pm

Hi everyone, im new on the club and to VW for that matter ive always owned jap cars lol.

2 days ago i picked up my first polo its a 1.4L 1997 model to put things simply, it runs like crap and keeps bogging out whenever im driving it
has anyone has a the same problem or similar and got any advice for me?
ive replaced the coil pack and distributor along with the min HT lead
ive had a look at the fuel filter, when i took of the inspection plae i found that the filter was actually sat inside the tank properly, it was only placed on top with the ring on top of it?
could this have been the main cause of my problem, im having a hard time getting the filter to seal inside the tank properly so i have doubts in my mind that it could be the wrong size, although i am aware that there needs to be a tight seal to stop the leaking of fuel and fumes into the car.

also on another note, my ide keeps bobbing up and down when im stationary????

if anyone can help that'd be great


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Re: 1997 1.4L running issues

Post by alexperkins » Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:27 pm

Which filter have you tried to replace? The fuel filter on these isn't in tank. It's underneath the car behind the rear drivers wheel

Replace the coolant temperature sensor and clean the throttle body also

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