Suspension arms/wishbones

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Suspension arms/wishbones

Post by UserError » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:39 pm

Hi, new to this world as we've taken a gamble and a learning exercise for my son, on a Polo that had a disagreement with a deer: the n/s front wheel has been knocked back and some other cosmetic damage.

Taking measurements from a central point to both sides of the subframe, the subframe appears to be in the right place.
We've just got the arm off & it is not obviously mangled. I noticed that the o/s arm looks very similar. A quick check on Eurocarparts suggests that the part is not handed/one arm does L & R - is that correct? If so we could do a check by swapping them over presumably.
Are there any measurements available anywhere?
Any other nuggets of information in this area would also be appreciated.
Many thanks.

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Re: Suspension arms/wishbones

Post by alexperkins » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:59 pm

Correct the wishbones are not sided. Only the tie rod ends and hubs are

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