1997 ABS Gotcha....

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1997 ABS Gotcha....

Post by karlvl » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:54 pm

I got a 1997, 1.4l, and the ABS light was allways comming on when I got above 20 km/h (aprox 15 mph).
Previous owner had replaced pump and sensors, no luck.

At this point I figured it could be either the fuse, or a tone ring.

Since a fuse is easier to check and replace, I startet searching for the fuse. Every search result said this should be in the box on top of the battery, for models 1998 and up.... no mention of any previous model. And since the 1997 model doesn't even have the box on the battery, I was a bit stumped.

I looked over the fuse map found on the fusebox lid (Rear of the glove compartment.) No luck. Next I took out and tested the fuses with a multimeter, And every fuse in the factory looking fusebox tested OK. But there were a couple of 30 amp fuses hanging on the side of the fusebox, and one of them blown. I replaced both, and hey presto, ABS was back.

In my car the fuses were hanging on the right side, nearest the door. Looking rather like it belonged to an aftermarket something.

Hoping to ease the search for the next one with a pre '98 polo.

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