Knocking when idling

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Knocking when idling

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I recently had to change cars due to mine breaking, and I only had a £500 to spend. I purchased a 1.2 VW Polo, and the car itself is fine. It drives brilliantly, picks up quick for a 1.2, is smooth and generally is a good runner.

There is however one issue. On idling, there's an inconsistent knock, audible over the sound of the engine, that is loud enough to have me a little concerned. I've checked the oil level and that's okay. When I get my wages I do plan on giving the car a good service. I'm wondering if that's the issue tbh.

Aside from the sound nothing is concerning. It runs brilliantly. No knocks bangs or anything. It doesn't lag, picks up fine, no smoke etc. Any suggestions? It has got 113000 miles on the clock, but has only averaged 7,000 per year or there abouts. Like I said I was in a pickle needed a car and this was the first car available. I'm just hoping that it's nothing serious. Wouldn't have thought so though as it runs fine.

Thanks for any help. :)
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