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Request: Door stuck shut! please help!!

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 3:59 pm
by CiderPolo
Hey everyone,

Completely random annoying thing happened today - car on gentle slope and I get out, so door shuts itself and of course the wonderful VW seatbelt inertial reels have lost any ability they once had to pull the seatbelt tight, so the belt gets stuck in the door. This has happened before obvs to everyone only this time it is just stuck shut. Like it's just normally closed.

Only it's SO stuck that operating the door handle from inside or out does absolutely nothing - it diesn't even feel as though you're actually pulling anything like a latch. The door won't budge, and I've tried pushing from inside the car but the latch appears to be engaged, the door is firmly shut, yet the belt (and buckle) is somehow shut in the door. Obviously I've tried to open the door normally and pulled hard etc, but I don't want to rip the handle off the door!

I'm gettting pretty bored of this car now tbh, there's another new problem every week that takes ages to figure out without buying a computer to plug into it worth far more than the car!

If anyone has had this problem or similar in the past and has ANY TIPS? for getting the door open, I can't express how grateful I'd be! Should say it's a 5 door, so front driver's door is stuck shut.

Many thanks, in hope!!