Polo 6R full auto lights + RLS retrofit kit, 180 €

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Polo 6R full auto lights + RLS retrofit kit, 180 €

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Hey guys, selling my unused and complete automatic light retrofit kit for a 6R Polo. Package includes a full RLS kit including complete genuine VW dimming mirror, auto light switch and assorted wiring. In addition, I have a high-quality retrofit wiring harness made by the legend himself, Ciclo. This makes the retrofit job mostly plug-and-play. Selling the kit as unfortunately, I'll be selling my Polo this summer.

Wiring compatibility:
- For 6R models with BCM Max from factory.
- For 6R models manufactured after June 2012, i.e. 10th digit of the VIN is D or E in Europe, or F, G, H, J, K in other markets.
Not compatible with 10th digit VINs A, B, C.

Retrofitting is likely possible for other VAG cars of the same age with a Highline BCM, but I don't know the specifics. I wouldn't chance it unless you know what you're doing. The mirror and RLS kit on its own should fit most early 2010s VWs, and the product page lists the Tiguan, mk5 Jetta and mk6 Golf.

However, Ciclo's harness is built specifically for the above criteria. I also have Ciclo's blessing to sell his harness, and he has said he will provide install and coding support for the buyer.

Am located in Finland but I can post abroad if shipping costs are covered. Payment via PayPal (or local alternatives if buyer is Finnish :wink:). I can send photos of the kit to interested buyers.


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1- The buyer will have all my technical support to carry out this installation. (for free)
2- Depending on your skills, everything will end up working perfectly sooner or later. (100% OEM)
3- I subscribe to this sale to help clear up any questions of potential buyers.
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Re: Polo 6R full auto lights + RLS retrofit kit, 180 €

Post by razborsek »

Hello! I am interested in this kit if its still available? If it is can you send me some pictures of it?
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