Mk3 GT engin conversion

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Mk3 GT engin conversion

Post by boyzey » Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:11 pm

Had no interest so will be brakeing whole car so For sale i have my full GT engin conversion every thing needed to convert your 1l or 1.3l spi polo to the GT. Everything included exept for the GT gearbox it comes with a standard 4 speed box. It has a de wedged TB and a ecu chip to suit. iv been running this conversion now for 3 years soooooo much fun sounds awsome and pulls really well. Not going to make up a number I bought it off a friend not a clue what milage its done but engin is silky smooth no knocks bangs still goes like stink when needed but cruises up hills in 3rd with ease. only fault is thermostat houseing loses a drip now and then. and verry rarely it has a fault were you turn it off and go to start it straight away it wont start only when its partialy warm though. and when it wont start you just bump it or crank it over in gear so it lerches and then itl fire straight up. any other questions or for pics just let me now. Location is bingley, west yorkshire

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Re: Mk3 GT engin conversion

Post by MK2FRoadRally » Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:44 pm

Don't suppose you still have this ?

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