For Sale Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

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Please Use The New FOR SALE CATEGORIES when listing an item for sale!
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For Sale Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

Post by pettsy » Sun May 07, 2006 3:28 am

1 - The 'Parts For Sale' section is for VAG / Motoring related items only. Non VAG / Motoring related items will be removed.

2 - When an item has been sold can you please post stating this. Your post will then be removed. This saves space and stops people contacting you long after you've sold the item.

4 - Please try and support For Sale adverts with a picture. This gives people a better idea of what there buying.

5 - If you do not intend to buy an item that is posted for sale, please do not waste the sellers time by posting on that topic.

6 - When advertising an item for sale, could members please ensure a location is given (this may be shown using your forum profile) Items not showing a location may be removed from the forum without notice.

7 - Adverts with no replies after 14 days will be automatically removed. The topic can be Bumped at suitable times, not every day!

8 - All items posted up for sale must have a price specified

9 - Items such as radios/RCD/RNS units must not have the security code on show. Images with this will be removed.

These are not critisims and are not aimed at anyone in particular, they are just there to help people sell unwanted items easier.