Non starting issue

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Non starting issue

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Hi everyone
I'm having issues with my 2001 1.6 16v gti.
Car has been running great and never skipped a beat. Tried to turn it over today and all dash board lights, stereo etc came on with the first click of the ignition. However, when I turned the key further to start the car.... Absolutely nothing. Doesn't even try to turn the engine over. Checked the fuses and fuse #30 had blown. It's a 5amp small blade fuse below the steering column. Tried to turn it over again and got the same issue 😕. I've tripped 5 new fuses, with no joy. Can anyone please help? Struggling to find out online what this fuse is for. I'm assuming something is shorting out for the fuse to blow continuously.
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Re: Non starting issue

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Fuse 30 is nothing to do with starting

Have you got this sorted-seems nothing more than a flat battery TBH
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