Burning oil after 1000 kilos

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Burning oil after 1000 kilos

Post by magedmohamed »

My car starts eating a lot of oil i tried putting thicker oil 20w 50 and oil treatment same thing
Black smoke starts to show from tail pipe after 3000 rpm
And lots of smoke coming out of pcv hose i got a soaking with oil air filter
Also another problem is sometimes the timing belt is off by 1 tooth and some other times it just fixes itself
Is the engine worth fixing or instal a 1.4 2 cam engine ?
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Re: Burning oil after 1000 kilos

Post by alexperkins »

Black smoke is over fuelling - 20w50 is too thick for the 6n2. You should always use 10W40

I would suggest the head needs an overhaul. Sounds like your valve guides are worn. The fact the timing is off wont help at all
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