Engine shutting off while driving/not starting

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Engine shutting off while driving/not starting

Post by Mr_forsyth92 »

Hi im new to group.

Problem with my 1.6 16v gti. Some mornings i turn key to start but just cranks. i find that leaving the key in on position for 5-15 mins will help it start up

Problem got worse while driving. coming to a stop or taking off the car will just shut off. Sometimes it doesn’t start right away and it just cranks.

Only happens in the first 5 minutes of driving then it will be fine the rest of the day. There are no lights coming up.

Does anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix these issues please?
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Re: Engine shutting off while driving/not starting

Post by 937carrera »

Hmm, strange one about leaving the ignition on. Ignoring that comment then my natural reaction would be to suggest that the crank position sensor is on its way out.

It can be fiddly to remove the hex bolt that holds it in place, I have a post on here somewhere telling about replacing mine
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Re: Engine shutting off while driving/not starting

Post by Bazzad88 »

I had a similar problem years ago on mine, it got worse and worse to the point where the car eventually wouldn't start at all, it turned out my immobiliser was knackered, this seems to be a bit of a common problem on these
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