2018 Polo NEW SHAPE

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Re: 2018 Polo NEW SHAPE

Post by SRGTD » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:33 pm

You make some very good points in your post Wolfi, and it’s good to get a range of views from forum members to generate some healthy debate. I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy a Hyundai any time soon; If I’m satisfied with the product and service I get, I tend to be very brand loyal. I’ve owned VW’s for the last 15-16 years so the likely replacement for my current Polo will be another VW and in all probability, a Polo.

From what I’ve read and from the videos I’ve watched on the new Polo, it seems to be a very accomplished car that gets good reviews. IMO, i think it’s human nature to criticise the negative points and just accept the good points. From what I’ve seen and read, I think the only thing I’m a little disappointed with is the perceived downgrade in quality of the door cards compared to my 6c Polo, but as you point out, there are lots of aspects of the new model that are an big improvement over the outgoing model.

I’ve not seen a new Polo in the metal yet. My car goes in for it’s service in just over a month’s time, so hopefully, there’ll have one in the showroom and a demonstrator that I can have a good look at, and I’ll share my observations at that time.

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Re: 2018 Polo NEW SHAPE

Post by Wolfi » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:54 pm

That's good to hear. Like all VW's, they sure do feel and look better in the flesh - when you stand next to one you can really appreciate the new sharper lines that make it stand out a little bit more. The UK press drive has taken place today at Woburn so there will be some reviews on their way in the coming days about what the new Polo feels like on UK roads....

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Re: 2018 Polo NEW SHAPE

Post by lancslad1985 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:06 am

Don't get me wrong Wolfi, I'm not suggesting that everyone buys a Hyundai. I think I just expected more of the polo and less of the Hyundai. I'm sure many people will be happy with the interior of the new polo. I also think the colour combination of the interior didn't help as it looked horrendous with a dark top, red flash and then cream trim below the flash!

I would like to point out I did think the layout of the dials, touchscreen etc was very nice but I'm reserving further judgement until the cars we are really interested in come out - the SEL, R-line and GTI.

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