Could long delivery invite speck changes?

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mike sel
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Could long delivery invite speck changes?

Post by mike sel » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:34 pm

How many of you during your wait for your new polo have agonised over your spec?

Have you played the configure game only to find that you now wish you had specked differently?

For example I took a couple of weeks to go through the configurator a good few times, both on VW and car wow, before going to the dealers and settling on a spec + placing the order.

After huge deliberation and chats with friend the MRS I settled on a std flat grey SEL DSG 115psi with Active info, Winter pack, Adaptive cruise, driver mode, rear camera, lane departure, folding mirrors, park assist keyless entry, occupant protection. THE Duel climate, sat nav, ambient lighting, dimming rear mirror etc all come as standard with the SEL.

Well after the first 8 weeks of asking I went on the newly formulated configurator and configured an blue metallic SEL 115psi but now manual with std cruise control, I then added LEDs, sunroof, winter pack, driver mode, active info, rear camera, land depart, folding mirrors, voice active & tinted rear glad and light grey painted alloys. I found I really liked this spec and its about the same price as the one I have ordered. I saved loads of money from DSG adaptive cruise, key less, and putting it into the LEDS, coloured alloys and rear tint.

Now I'm happy with the car I ordered....very, it the sensible easy to drive option.

But I think I would also have been happy with the new spec....which is a bit more bling.

Any one else played this game?

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Re: Could long delivery invite spec changes?

Post by RUM4MO » Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:16 am

If you were being serious, and sometimes new options appear only after you have ordered, I think that there is point in the process where spec changing is possible, and beyond that not as forward loading of parts requirements have been fixed at the factory.

During my long wait, maybe 10 months, when ordering a RHD Passat in a LHD country (big savings possible due to different country's TAX burdens), I suddenly became aware that power folding mirrors had become available for RHD cars - but I was too late due to the reasons above!

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