Scraping sound from brakes

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Scraping sound from brakes

Post by david.stark »

This has been getting progressively worse so I'll book the car in at a local garage rather than VW as its not a warranty issue.

Basically its the very common noise many people encounter when braking at low speed. Sounds like a loud scraping noise when pressing the brake pedal but its not as noticeable at speed and after a journey its not as loud at low speed either but still present.

I suspect small stones and grit have got into the pads or discs. Our road is filthy thanks to a housing estate being built close by and washing the car is a waste of time and money at the moment.

Anyone else had similar with their car?
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Re: Scraping sound from brakes

Post by johnparker »

I don't think it's the same issue but you reminded me of a problem I had that is definitely worth sharing. I had a very severe grinding noise coming from the front brakes a while ago. Not just when braking - when ever the car was in motion. Turned out to be a stone from our gravel drive that stuck to the tyre until it got to the top position and then dropped over the back of the wheel into the assembly that holds the pads etc. This assembly is like a box with no top and no bottom and sits around 5mm from the top of the bearing hub in front of the disc. The stone was trying to escape through this gap making the most concerning metal grinding noise. This is bound to happen again either to myself or another polo owner. Sounds far worse than it actually is and can be sorted by reaching round the top of the wheel and having a feel around for a stone.
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Re: Scraping sound from brakes

Post by RUM4MO »

Trapped stones can make a very impressive noise, that happened to my wife with her previous Polo, she phoned for advice as she was at parents night (a teacher) and the school gates were getting closed in 20 minutes, so I asked her to phone the AA and at the same time tried to do a belt and braces job and grab a trolley jack and some wooden blocks and some small tools and headed out to where she was - unfortunately the A beat me to it so that old Polo ended up slightly crushed sill, but the stone got removed and she got out of the school car park before the gates got closed!

Edit:- you quite often find driving/moving in one direction is fine, driving/moving in the opposite direction can be quite alarming, that was what it was like in her case and what gave rise to her concerns.
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