Usb charge points stopped working

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Usb charge points stopped working

Post by mitch_g »

I noticed this morning that my apple car play would not work although i had my phone plugged in. This was working last night when i was using it.

Has anyone else had thus problem? Is it a fuse that has gone if so what fuse?

I checked the manual and can only see the cigarette 12v socket fuse om the diagram.
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Re: Usb charge points stopped working

Post by Simonz »

Does you phone react when the cable is plugged in, e.g start charging? Then at least electric is getting to it from the socket and it might be the Apple Play is having a problem synching between your phone and the head unit. If no phone charging then obvious it's a fuse gone and the USB are dead.
I've had it where it keeps struggling to connect. If you press the head unit on/ off button and hold for 10 seconds it does a reset and that fixed it for me it then connected immediately as normal.
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