Standard Bridgestones / wet driving

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Re: Standard Bridgestones / wet driving

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monkeyhanger wrote: Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:53 pm
Simonz wrote: Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:26 pm Would VW knowingly fit dangerous or sub standard tyres to the Polo? If they are passed as fit for use BS standard then it may be down to individual preference. Not sure if there are any tyres that allow you to use full throttle in any situation without the car feeling unstable.
Substandard is a matter of opinion. They meet specification and legal requirements, doesn't mean its a good tyre. On the UK Roads, my opinion is that Bridgestone's propensity for compounds that are ultra hard don't suit our climate. They might actually be a lot softer for use way down the South of Europe where it's generally a lot warmer, or on a track where they'll heat up nicely. Driven normally on UK British roads though?

This subject has been done to death on many VAG group forums and it's been shown that for pretty much the rest of Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy etc.) Performance Golfs don't get Bridgestones, but the UK does, and also it seems the Polo GTI for the RHD markets with 18" Brescias.

I was nowhere near using full throttle (more like 40% throttle) with fully occupied seating when the back end got away. At that point I wondered whether the Polo's handling was poor and begging for multilink rear suspension to stabilise it...but no, it was those awful tyres and the car was transformed when they were taken off.

There are many tyres that would allow you to use full throttle in multiple situations with good weather. Ever used full throttle to overtake someone? That's a pretty common full throttle manoeuvre that most of us gave done.

Pretty much everyone here that has made the change will tell you what a hugely positive difference ditching the Bridgestones has made.

I do wonder what leeway VW have for tyre use when gathering driving data for official use. I bet the 0-62 times weren't achieved with Turanza T001 tyres, nor tge fuel economy/emissions figures. Early UK Polo GTI press review vehicles were all shod with Michelin PSS tyres before being handed over to journos. Do you need to wonder why they didn't gave standard fit Bridgestones on?
Car Magazine and other car journalist tested the Polo GTI shod with Turanza T001 at Gerotek test facility in South Africa, they were getting 0-100km/h in 6.64 seconds.

Also the 17inch Michelin Primacy Achieved 6.65 seconds 0-100km/h.

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Re: Standard Bridgestones / wet driving

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Andy Beats wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:23 am
monkeyhanger wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:43 am Although I didn't specifically mention compound hardness there, the Bridgestones do have a hard compound, but they also have a very rigid sidewall compared to the Michelins - you really notice the difference on turn in.
So turn in should be better on the Bridgestones.
Sidewall flex is worse for turn-in.
In an ideal world with completely smooth and flat road surfaces, a completely rigid tyre would be ideal to maintain feel. Great for a well maintained race track, pity roads aren't like that, so with an unyielding tyre and hard suspension the wheel will hop to a certain degree within the confines of the suspension movement, lessening grip as it does so. A bit of sidewall flex on turn-in puts more tyre surface down for better grip. Too much will feel awful. Everything in moderation. A rock hard tyre bobbling along the road over the imperfections is going to be less grippy than a tyre absorbing some of that bobbling that the suspension doesn't fully take care of.
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