Dealer lost Undertray, part numbers

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Dealer lost Undertray, part numbers

Post by Harrihealey02 »

Evening, I went to check my oil level and noticed I could see the ground through the engine bay, looked underneath and the whole middle splash guard is missing. I took it to the dealer about 2/3 months ago and they must have removed it / stored it expecting me to come back soon. I called today and they said they’ll call me back (doubt it) so I’m left with ordering one online. Does anyone know where I can find part numbers?
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Re: Dealer lost Undertray, part numbers

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Usually pretty up to date. Once you get to the landing page just click on CarProg2 at the top then close any message boxes that come up.

I also wouldn't buy one yourself if the dealership were the ones to lose it as I can't imagine they'll be cheap.

Hope that helps :)
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Re: Dealer lost Undertray, part numbers

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There are 3 styles of under tray :)

Nr. 1:

Nr. 3:

Nr. 29:
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