Disable stop-start while maintaining button function

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Disable stop-start while maintaining button function

Post by l3rady »

Hi all, I was browsing aliexpress the other day, as you do, and came across this listing.

https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000650 ... 5617%23808

I don't have a problem with the stop-start system but I know a lot of you have asked for a way to disable it or make it default to off when you switch the car on. Up until now the only way disable it was to change settings in VCDS and adjust the battery voltage threshold thus making the system never activate. Making this change means that if you want the stop-start system back on you have to change the setting back again which you cannot do when driving. Also not everyone has access to the tools to make the coding change.

It is my understanding that this little doo-dad sits in between the stop-start button and the controller and on ignition start, it triggers the button press to disable it for you. What is great about this solution is you can then press the button again to re-activate the system.

This may be a solution for some of you.
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Re: Disable stop-start while maintaining button function

Post by tom.wright »

Useful info! I disabled it on mine using the apps on OBDeleven but it seems to have done as you describe, just changed the parameters and now it's not available at all.

I got a pulsing Start button now though :lol:
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