GTI 12/2018 Bonnet corrosion

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Re: GTI 12/2018 Bonnet corrosion

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monkeyhanger wrote: Thu Oct 29, 2020 3:52 pm
Dark_cze wrote: Thu Oct 29, 2020 12:45 pm Iam kinda done with VW group :mrgreen: as you said it is cost cutting. And they fit almost nowhere used rims and tires ... Middle finger to us :lol:
They're probably all at it, I know my mate's wife's Honda Jazz is missing lacquer in places that shouldn't be noticed without scrutiny.

If it wasn't chucking it down I'd go and check my A4 out.

My 2013 Mk7 Golf GTD and 2015 Mk7 Golf R were definitely missing lacquer under the bonnet and in the area where the front door frame meets the front wing (that can't be seen with the doors closed), so it's not something they just introduced.

Presumably SRGTD's old Polo had lacquer everywhere because the cost cutting measure among VAG models came in during the model's life cycle, so they didn't implement it until the next new model came out.

The introduction of the MK7 Golf is when VW really seemed to be aggressively cost cutting. Ultra thin steel panels that flex easily when washing the car over a large span panel area, removal of under seat drawers and glovebox lick at facelift time, all the while the customer is experiencing rampant price increases. VW Golf prices increased 45% between the end of MK5 Golf production in 2009 and the end of MK7 Golf production in 2020.
All this litigation/compensation for emissions lies needs paying for somehow.... :lol:
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