rear light fault, earth?

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rear light fault, earth?

Post by andy198712 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:11 pm


i'm getting a 2002 1.4 polo ready for MOT

when i press the brake the warning light on the dash for the rear fog glows....

i noticed someone has added an extra earth cable from the orange bulb (literally wedged down the side of it) to the brown wire an inch after the plug.... which sent off alarm bells. (passenger side)

is this a common issue?

plan of action is unplug the light and see if it does it, then try the other side, test again.
then remove bulbs and test both sides like that.

any tips or people had this before?

i followed the cable loom back 12 inches where there is a few plugs and they look a tad green in places! earth looked okay though.

i haven't fully tested all the bulbs yet which will be one to try, but can't see it causing this issue surely?


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