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Fog light - passenger side

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Fog light - passenger side

Post by frexpopo » Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:57 pm

Hello All,

Have an old VW polo 2003 and in addition to changing headlight to conform to continental law, I would like to know if you can activate the anti-fog light on the passenger side. The polo only has it on the right (driver side). I am told for it to pass MOT in the continent it needs to have it on the left side as well. Does this need too much rewiring? Any expert in VW cars can help?


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Re: Fog light - passenger side

Post by RUM4MO » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:12 am

Okay, as the LHS is a reversing light giving out white light using a clear bulb, and the RHS is a rear fog light giving out red light with a clear bulb, I'd think that the only way to resolve this to comply with LHD will be to buy two used rear light clusters from a scrap yard in Spain etc, change the wiring so that the reversing light is now going to the RHS cluster and the rear fog light is going to the LHS cluster - essentially chopping two wires, one on each side, lengthen both wires enough to reach the opposite sides, splice them in then fit the new used clusters.

Edit:- from memory, the bulb fitting in the RHS fog light is in the same position and type as the bulb fitting in the LHS reversing light, these clusters come in two parts, the body fitting coloured lens/reflector assembly and the rear fitting which has the bulb sockets and connector - could be all you need is the lens/reflector assembly, but to be safe try to buy them both as a pair of single secondhand parts.

Another Edit:- I'm confused now, I have gone and checked up on an on-line parts-cat and see that there are only two rear light cluster options, ie one for LHS and one for RHS - I did expect that there would be more, ie RHD and LHD options, so what have you noticed about 2003 Polos in Spain, are their rear light cluster any different to your ones? I added a second rear fog light to my 2000 Passat mainly for when driving on holiday abroad as that car had two reversing lights and the positions for rear fog lights on both sides, but only one fitted on the OFFSIDE. I can't remember why I did not change anything on my wife's old late 2002 Polo, and I'm just guessing that it was not possible and that car only had one reversing light, if I'm wrong please correct me.

One last thing, that on-line parts-cat does has some omissions/errors which might account for what I think is some missing options.

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