Polo won't start- battery fine, changed starter motor

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Polo won't start- battery fine, changed starter motor

Post by Glenn98 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:33 pm

Came to car one day and it wouldn't start. There was no flicker of the needle on the dash that i usually get if the battery is drained. Almost no sound at all- just a faint "click click" when i turn the key.

Came back to it later and just rocked the car in neutral, tried it again and it started! Left it and came back to it later and now wouldn't start again.

Thought it was a faulty starter motor so i cleaned it and put it back together. No luck. So i bought a new one and fitted it. Still nothing. Tried a different battery- nothing.

Whilst it was still jacked up, my dad put it in 4th gear, turned the front right wheel and then put it in neutral and turned the key. It started! Switched it off, wouldn't start again.

What could it be? A faulty swicth? Problems with the cables? Flywheel? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

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Re: Polo won't start- battery fine, changed starter motor

Post by RUM4MO » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:00 am

No simple answer for you, but, your profile shows that you have a 6N Polo 1.4 and you have created this thread in the 9N Polo section, so maybe copy this into a new thread in the 6N Polo section just in case this is a unique 6N Polo issue and you should get better visibility for your problem.

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