Parking Sensors

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Parking Sensors

Post by Polo_Tom »

Recently the parking sensors on my polo have decided to only work on occasion, the same goes for when I put it in reverse, the beep will only happen now and then.

I'm guessing it's something to do with a wiring connection.

Does anyone know where I'd access the wiring for the parking sensors or any other possible causes for this?

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Re: Parking Sensors

Post by RUM4MO »

First thing to work out is if this system is a VW Group system fitted at factory, or a VW workshop retro fitted Cobra system, or a 3rd party retro fitted system.
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Re: Parking Sensors

Post by CarbonChaos »

Like said you will need to determine what’s fitted, but as a starting point
In the boot area take the trims off the sides and possibly the rear and trace the wiring from the sensors to a control unit ? This may give you a clue what your dealing with.

Good luck
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