Alternator not charging solution - Polo 9n

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Re: Alternator not charging solution - Polo 9n

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CarbonChaos wrote: Wed Jun 09, 2021 7:09 pm By earthing a wire you are testing the circuit, as in your previous post your battery light does illuminate under certain conditions this seems pointless. I’d be fitting an alternator
Thank you for replying and for your advice to replace the alternator (a new one is on order)...

In the meantime, I decided to do the test anyway, earthed the blue wire and switched the ignition on (engine not started) - battery light did not illuminate. I then repeated the same test with the brown wire but still no battery light...

I'm pretty convinced the alternator is faulty - we should know for sure when the new one is fitted - fingers crossed!

So, to wrap things up... as the battery light comes on when the engine is revved, no need to do any more testing for breaks in the wiring but could the problem lie somewhere else... thinking about ECU, Onboard Power Supply Module etc... or am I just getting a bit carried away and over-thinking things?
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