Coil Packs and P1180

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Coil Packs and P1180

Post by PatrykO5 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:55 am

Is the O2 sensor in the 9n connected directly to the coil packs?

I've had to replace some coil packs last night and looking at my black box app (which shows codes/warning messages) displays the code P1180, which is something to do with the O2 sensor (?)

After googling a bit, O2 sensors seem to have a similar plug to the one that connects to coil packs.

Car drives fine, just wondering if I've connected something wrong or if I've got another problem.

Polo 9n 1.4 2002

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Re: Coil Packs and P1180

Post by RUM4MO » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:34 pm

No, there should not be any connection between the coil connections and the Lambda sensors, depending on the mileage on these currently fitted Lambda sensors, it might just be time for that one to give trouble, I replaced the front one on a 2002 BBY engine Polo when it was about 8 years old and maybe 60K miles, I fitted a genuine VW sourced NTK one as a NTK branded on online with postage ended up being the same price as buying from my VW dealer. I think that that code is also known as 17588 which refers to normally an internal fault with the B1 S1 sensor. You could try clearing it as it might just be an old fault code, though if it happened recently, you might find that the frequency of this fault increases as it ages, and it should switch on the engine emissions light and maybe the other fault indication on the dash.

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