Buying a used VW Polo mk4 - Engine codes??

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Buying a used VW Polo mk4 - Engine codes??

Post by everson38 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:42 am

Hey guys.

New to the forum today. I'm looking to buy a car for sister (uni student). I've seen a 2005 VW Polo mk4. 98,000 miles

I had a look at it today to inspect and the story when like this (to help people advise me correctly)

Started the car but it did struggle but put that down to it sitting for awhile as it was blocked in by others cars and clear has not moved in awhile. It then ran and then stalled out a little while later, I then restarted it and again it struggled but did start. After waiting a while (6-10mins) I turned off the engine as i was inspecting by the exhaust and then started it up again, each time it struggled quite bad and then in the end some engine lights came on. I read the codes and got

1) P0332: Ignition distributor engine speed input circuit no signal.

2) P0498: Exhaust gas recirculation sensor B, high circuit

As the car was running it did sound like it want to stall but was hanging on in there. I checked the battery and the vote were 12.5v range and the alternator was about 13.v Initially I thought it was alternator as I thought it was 14.2v you wanted to see but heard 13.5 - 14.7v is OK.

Does anyone have any idea what issues maybe and are these easy fixes that I can use to try get a good deal or should I leave it be?

Thanks for any help / all info welcome :-)

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Re: Buying a used VW Polo mk4 - Engine codes??

Post by alexperkins » Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:55 am

I’d avoid this like the plague

EGR problems can be costly to fix and lead to other more serious issues

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