2002 polo 9n AZQ non start

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2002 polo 9n AZQ non start

Post by Saffaboy78 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:03 pm

Hi all,

New to this, so hoping someone has some good advise. I have got a 9n 1.2 AZQ. I bought it recently as a non runner ( I buy and do up non runners as a hobby ), I assumed it would be the usual chain tensioner failure causing the non start. True to word, timing was out, replaced timing chain kit, went to start, and struggled, but eventually started. idles perfect, but wont rev above 3000rpm... Carried out test on Camshaft position sensor as it flagged up a P0134 code. Replaced sensor ( Genuine part ). Now don't start at all. I have NO spark. But with cam sensor plugged in, I still get 5v to sensor, ground is good, and when turning crank slowly, voltage osilates from 5v to 0v, which tells me the sensor is doing its job? Any ideas? I am starting to think ECU? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated


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