16825 Error Help for remote repair

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16825 Error Help for remote repair

Post by eddieconway » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:33 pm

Hope you people can help, my son has a 2005 1.2 polo twist and recently had the fault code 17524 indicating bank 1 sensor 1 int o/c lambda sensor, i removed the sensor and sure enough the heater side was open circuit, replaced this and reset code all ok, also on the list of jobs was to replace the expansion vessel as kept alarming no fluid on cold mornings, did all this and thought it was all fine, this was last week, however i drove 100 miles on saturday to deliver the car to him and all was well i even filled it to the top with petrol for him, but today he has informed me that the engine light has come on again, when he connected the fault reader it displays DTC 16825 which google states being a breather valve problem, firstly where would this be located and could i have disturbed this when fitting the expansion tank i did notice 2 long white bits of plastic to the right of the tank which seemed loose, or is this likely to be a faulty lambda sensor as this was the only code stored before changing it, please help as i have to travel 100 miles to try to now fix it !!

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Re: 16825 Error Help for remote repair

Post by RUM4MO » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:34 am

That fault code is for the EVAP system, so I'd reckon that the EVAP valve or its wiring is faulty, I do not have a 9N Polo now, but I think that you should find it quite high up at the left hand side half way back when looking in under the bonnet, and I think that it is mounted in a largish rubber donut mounting to isolate the noise of it operating, it will have a push in connector and a pipe on each side. In fact maybe very close to the expansion tank that you replaced, ie almost touching it on the right hand side of it!

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