Black Box (telematics) removal?

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Black Box (telematics) removal?

Post by Polo_Tom »

Does anyone know where the black box is fitted on a polo 9n?

After cancelling my policy and finally getting some "big boy" insurance, Morethan have told me that they will leave the black box in and deactivate it. Regardless, I want it gone and I don't fancy paying for someone to remove it. I'll happily remove it myself once I know where it is however I can't find any info online and I'm really trying to avoid ripping my dash/glove box to bits just to find out.

If anyone has removed one or knows where it would be, I'd love to know.

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Re: Black Box (telematics) removal?

Post by Romanmorris »

I was with more than. If you know where the fuse box is on the inside of your driver door in your dash a black box should be in there. I had to take the Speedo out and there was another in there. I can't quite remember all about it but you may have to take out the switch for your head lights to have a better look in the dash
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