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Contact: Meetings and Events RULES - READ THIS NOW!

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When attending any Meeting or Event listed here you MUST abide by the following rules or you will be asked to leave.

1. Driving
When arriving or leaving the Meeting or Event, please drive slowly and with care especially so if the roads around the area are narrow.
This is especially important at the Cheshire VAG meeting as the roads are very narrow and often have local's walking their dogs/children or riding their horses. It's common sense time people.

2. ICE
Please be considerate while at the event. Most of the time we will meet at a public place such as a Pub or Restaurant and usually on a Sunday. Would you like to take your Grandma out for Sunday Lunch at a quiet country pub, only to have to listen to some badboy bass rattling your plates and glasses? No, didn't think so.

3. Behaviour
Right, as we are all old enough to drive, I'm pretty sure most of us are over 18... That makes us A D U L T S. Please act like one when we meet up. No Wheelspins, Engine Revving, Dohnuts, Burnouts, Handbrake turns or any of that malarkey... Save that for your Barry Boy Cruizez please.
If you've had any disagreements with anyone online or other and you know you're both going to be at the Meeting or Event, save the tough talk for another time. Anyone found using threatening language or actions, or racist/sexist language or actions will be asked to leave and will be BANNED from the forum/club indefinately.

4. Liability and it's owners/administrators/moderators cannot and WILL not be held responsible for anything or anyone during a Meeting or Event. Meetings and Events are organised by individuals, not It is your own responsibility to drive and behave with care and caution. If anything happens, it's down to you. Take part entirely at your own risk.

Basically, all I'm trying to say is please act like a grown up at any Meetings or Events that you attend. Not only are you "flying the flag" of but also people will judge you on your actions.

A lot of effort goes into securing regular meeting places, and the actions of one or a few could very seriously damage our reputation as an enthusiasts club, therefore making it very difficult to use that location in the future.

I hope it all makes sense and you agree with what I've said.

Many Thanks

Josh Administrator