Polo 86c treffen Holland 2014

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Polo 86c treffen Holland 2014

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In 8 months time il be at this show,,,I organise a euro rd trip over for the club polo3 it will be our 3rd year at this show and each year it gets better and better,,its a polo paradise ,so with time ticking by rather quickly im advertising this over on other forums to try and drum up more interest from the UK polo scene,,at the mo not much details of the trip have been put up as where looking to see who's interested in going..

Accomodation isnt a problem as we have a nice place in Holland for us all to stay,but next year we are going to Wolfsburg home of the VW so the rd trip will be 2 days extra...if you fancy a trip over to see some awesome polos then let me know or if you'd like to organise your own trip over then ive got plenty of info just ask and il sort the info you need..

Heres the flyer for the Holland treffen


link to polo3 euro rd trip thread

http://z8.invisionfree.com/POLO3/index. ... opic=16391
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