Rsgoldfast - Jagex is a professional company

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Rsgoldfast - Jagex is a professional company

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The second thing they need to RuneScape gold announce is that they will not make use of any feedback that is posted in the Recent Updates forum. That forum should be for discussion only. You should include recent updates and a subject for the Feedback forum so users can leave feedback.

A sticky is required to be added to the topic titled "Discussion Request". Players can ask for topics in this topic to talk about (or rant) about issues that they feel need to be changed. Forum Mods should not allow rants and feedback to be posted in the inappropriate forums in order to draw Jagex's attention. This filter is massive and stops spamming. It lets Jagex to focus on the matters that are important to Jagex.

It's all fine and all however, how do you think Jagex have handled Ice Strykewyrms? This issue should have been addressed by Jagex. They shouldn't have read the the topics. They should have created an online poll, which would allow participants to decide whether there should be an agreement or not. As this happens it is important to sort the votes as if they were madmen. They must be able to determine the votes cast by specific groups, for example:

Members who do not have 93 Slayer. Members with 93 Slayer however, without a Firecape. Members who have 93 Slayer. This group will require some programming, but it certainly would be possible. After a small number of participants had voted, they should have checked the results and decided whether they should have made a compromise or not. This is the right way.

Jagex is a professional company and should be reviewing their policies. They must create an appropriate policy that is based on the current situation and update it each month. It is imperative to modify the policy they are using currently. The whiners aren't the only ones to buy 2007 runescape gold be considered.
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