Help with rough idea for car value

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Help with rough idea for car value

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Hi all,

My grandmother owns a 1999 VW Polo 5d 1.6 GL that she has owned since new. She has very kindly let me use the car for the past couple of years, but now my mind has turned to owning my own car she has asked if I might be able to sell her Polo for her. Its really hard for me to estimate its value as there are so few about, and no 1.6's that I can find.

The car is generally in good condition. It has 72,000 miles on it and, until I had it, was serviced each year with VW. Since then its been serviced at a local garage. It drives really well and everything feels solid. It has a small amount of rust on the rear wheel arches, and the central locking doesn't lock the driver's door, but unlocking works fine. There is also a tear on the drivers door card where the seat belt buckle was pinched.

I've become very fond of the car, and would like it to go to someone who will care for it, but I realise the market is small. Any thoughts would be kindly received.

Many thanks
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Re: Help with rough idea for car value

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I’ve no idea of value but keep looking on the net for similar for sale to gauge the current market

Here is one , only a 1.0 though £500 buys it ... 635-2958-0
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