9n3 (2007) 5door 1.4 C/L issues

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9n3 (2007) 5door 1.4 C/L issues

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Hiya Folks,

Advice sought for my 9n3 polo. Manual (non remote) keys, manual rear windows).

Issues I'm having is that sometimes(more often than not) the central locking will not lock from the drivers door, if I push the door tell take buttons down then lock the drivers door, the boot is left unlocked.

I've just had a Nsr lock actuator fitted today but the issue persists! Took the car back to the garage that fitted the actuator and there is no codes at all on the vehicle.

This has been 2 years of intermittent issues....

Drivers door wiring feels OK (not removed the protective boot) sometimes I can get the car to lock if I slam the drivers door, or let it bounce gently on the travel limiter....

Help please!!

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